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Terms and Conditions


When booking your Talk you must give us a valid address and contact number for the location of Talk. If there is any problem on the day of your Talk we will make every reasonable effort to get in contact with you. If we are unable to do this, through no fault of our own, we reserve the right to cancel your Talk. In this event any deposit will not be refunded.


Payment will be due on the day of the event.  We do not ask for a deposit but reserve the right to do so at any time without prior notice.

We will only accept cheque payment when the Talk To The Animals encounter is for and on behalf of a school, youth organisation, religious organisation, business or any other such body where the address relates directly to the organisers of the event as their 'head quarters', business premises or educational premises. If this is not the case then the payment will need to be made in cash.

Cancelling a booking

You must give at least 28 days notice if you want to cancel a booking. We reserve the right to charge 50% of the full fee if a booking is cancelled between 15 and 28 days before the event, and 100% of the full fee if a booking is cancelled less than 14 days before the event. These charges are at our absolute discretion and we may, in certain circumstances, choose to waive all or part of the fee in the event of a cancellation.

If you make your booking within 28 days of the event, you will have up to 72 hours to cancel without being charged a fee. After 72 hours the above charges will apply.

Should you wish to cancel a booking you should first contact us by telephone as we may be able to rearrange your encounter for a more convenient day. If you decide you must cancel your event, please confirm this by email. If we do not receive confirmation of a cancellation in writing we will assume the encounter will go ahead as booked. It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that we have received any such confirmation. We will respond to all cancellation emails by email to confirm we have received them. If you do not receive an email from us you should contact us again by telephone.

At Your Event

We may require one plug socket in order to connect up the heating equipment our animals need if the weather is cold or if we are with you for a long time. We will supply a standard extension lead to allow us to connect more than one heating supply.

We prefer not to be sited outside if possible, especially during the winter. We will not allow the animals to be sited near to any speakers, other loud equipment, strong smells or fumes. We will have the final say on where our animals are situated. It is unhygenic for the animals to be sited in rooms where there is food preparation.

While you are welcome to handle, stroke and touch the animals (at our discretion) we will not allow them to be put into any risky or stressful situations, or to be treated with anything other than respect.

We are fully insured and registered with the local council. We have the required transport licence and a performing animals licence.

While your talk is designed to be fun, we will ask all children and adults at the event to remain reasonably quiet and calm to avoid the animals becoming stressed. If we feel that any person is causing the animals to be stressed or is interfering with other people's enjoyment of the talk we will ask them to sit away from the group for a short time.

We will not accept responsibility for looking after children. Parents or other responsible adults must remain in the room at all times to be in charge of the children.
Eating, drinking or smoking while touching or stroking the animals is not permitted.

Animal Welfare

We reserve the right to withdraw any or all of the animals from your encounter:

a) If illness or death of an animal prevents us from showing the animal at your encounter.

b) In any circumstances where we feel any animal’s health or safety might be compromised.

c) In any circumstances where we feel any member of the public’s health and safety might be compromised.


You, the Client, are expected to provide parking for one standard sized motor vehicle as close to the venue as is realistic. Where parking restrictions are in force, you, the Client, are obliged to advise of parking bays and the maximum time allowed for parking within these bays. Where the length of the Encounter exceeds the maximum length of time allowed to park, the Encounter may be cut short. The Encounter will also include a 20 minute set up time before the commencement of the event and a 20 minute clearing up time at the conclusion of the event. This means the total time required to park will be around 2 hours for a 60 minute encounter.

Where cost is incurred to park, particularly where such costs are higher than was envisaged when your booking was made, this may be added to the overall cost of the Encounter.

Where fines are incurred through exceeding parking restrictions through reasons beyond our control, this may also be added to the cost of the Encounter.

Hand Washing

You, the Client, are expected to provide adequate facilities for hand washing. This may include wet wipes, antiseptic gel, a bucket of warm soapy water or sink. It is your responsibility to ensure every member of the public attending the Encounter washes their hands after touching any of the animals and particularly before eating any food at the event.

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

You, the Client, agree to all the above terms and conditions in full when you contact us to make your booking. Any objections to any of these terms and conditions must be made prior to confirming the booking. Where a compromise cannot be reached to any objection, we reserve the right to cancel the Encounter without any redress being incurred.