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Danny has been employed at zoos and other animal collections for the past 20 years and has cared for wolves, tigers, deer, camels, zebras, lions, red pandas, coatis, meerkats and other mammals and reptiles.  He was also involved in "Face Your Phobia" work so please contact us if you would like to face your phobia of spiders, snakes or insects.  Danny has appeared on various television programmes for CBBC, Disney Channel, National Geographic and wildlife documentaries.  He has written articles for wildlife magazines around the world. 
Danny in his zoo-keeping days
Dan with Chuffer2
Danny was made Education Officer at a Zoo in Hertfordshire and gave educational and entertaining talks to groups and individuals about the animals he loves.  These took place in schools, private parties and conferences, as well as giving guided tours around the zoo to age groups from 4 - 104!
Danny says he does not have a favourite animal because they are all amazing.
Ella N Sam
Hazel has worked with various small mammals, birds and reptiles for over 10 years, fitting her passion in around other work and studying.   Her favourite animals in the collection are Millie the ferret and Ella and Sam, the bearded dragons.