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Face Your Phobia

Did you know that fear of spiders or snakes is one of the most common phobias in the UK?  And did you know that only 1% of those who suffer from these phobias try and get help?  Which is a shame because almost 100% of these phobias are easily treated.
Dan snake
Danny has worked on "Face Your Phobia" days and events for the last 10 years and Hazel has a Psychology BSc degree.  Between them they have developed a programme to help you face your phobia and conquer it once and for all. 
Chile rose
If you book a Face Your Phobia event we will bring a snake or spider to your home and slowly work to decrease your fear of the animal.  We will do this through a mixture of education and slow desensitisation, encouraging you to get closer and closer to the animal and maybe even touch or hold it.
All work is done at your own pace and we will not do anything you are not comfortable with.
If you achieve the final aim and hold the animal we will send you a certificate and photograph to prove how brave you really are.
The cost of these sessions is from £100 for up to a 2 hour session; we will also add travel expenses to this, depending on the distance we travel.  Due to the high number of party bookings we receive for the weekends we are only able to book Face Your Phobia events during the week.