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(May 09, 2008)
Back in April, Talk To The Animals gave an Encounter as a raffle prize towards raising funds for the Harefield Heart Hospital, where one of our friends was having a heart valve replaced. 
We are pleased to say that the Encounter was won by a lady who works as a teaching assistant at St Dominics School in Harpenden and she very kindly allowed the school to use her prize.
Talk To The Animals visited today and gave a talk to the Reception class.  We also showed a snake and a ferret to the Nursery class.
All the children behaved extremely well and were a pleasure to talk to.  The teachers were very brave.  One of them held a tarantula and another overcame her fear and touched a snake.
As well as parties and events, Talk To The Animals are available for educational talks at schools around Hertfordshire.  Please contact us for more information.

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