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Latest News

Just an idea March 18, 2014
We've been having a think here at Talk To The Animals, especially about younger children and what we can offer them.  So, we've decided that we w... [MORE]

Media work this summer October 17, 2011
We have been very busy this summer.  We have appeared on "Dirty Sexy Things" on E4 at a photoshoot with the models, and we have also been fea... [MORE]

Supporting Watford Mencap May 27, 2011
We've had a fantastic time this week visiting our friends at Watford Mencap after school club.  The staff there do an amazing job caring for chil... [MORE]

Coatis have arrived! March 05, 2011
After a very long couple of weeks spent insulating one of our enclosures, we collected a pair of coatis, called Pip and Marjorie.  They are s... [MORE]

Palm civet August 09, 2010
We now have an Asiatic Palm Civet at Talk To The Animals.  As far as we are aware, we are the only educational talks company in England to be... [MORE]

New animals coming soon September 27, 2009
After having Eric, the Tawny Owl, for a while, she turned out to be very loud, especially overnight.  We are waiting to collect a friend for ... [MORE]

Tawny Owl September 01, 2009
After much searching, we finally found a Tawny Owl to join us at Talk To The Animals.  She is called Eric (she came with the name, but from h... [MORE]

Burrowing Owl March 02, 2009
  We hope to be collecting a baby Burrowing Owl very soon.  He will need to be hand reared for a while to make sure he is ... [MORE]

Thatch the Barn Owl is here September 01, 2008
A beautiful barn owl named Thatch has now arrived at Talk To The Animals and will be appearing at encounters immediately.  Book now to avoid disa... [MORE]

Baby Oreo has arrived July 28, 2008
Baby Oreo has arrived!  Oreo is an 8 week old black and white striped Skunk kitten.  She is eating and sleeping well and enjoying running ar... [MORE]

Fundraising May 09, 2008
Back in April, Talk To The Animals gave an Encounter as a raffle prize towards raising funds for the Harefield Heart Hospital, where one of our friend... [MORE]

Fursty has arrived! February 14, 2008
Fursty the Ferret has arrived at Talk To The Animals.    Check back soon for photos on the Gallery page.... [MORE]

New animals coming soon. November 19, 2007
Talk To The Animals are on the trail of some new animals to be included in our encounters.   Check back for more information.... [MORE]