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Are you bored of clowns and magicians?  Do you want something different for your child's birthday party, or even for your own party or event?  Why not book Talk To The Animals for a hands-on, interactive, fun, educational, furry, slithery, crawly, scaly, feathery experience.  To book us today, please use this form.
A professional talk by professional animal keepers
Talk To The Animals was set up in 2007 by Danny, a former zoo-keeper, to enable him to bring animals and education to a wide variety of people.  
Talk To The Animals is an amazing opportunity to see some of the unique creatures from the natural world in your own home and hear some of the incredible facts about their every-day lives in their natural habitat.
Dan, Hazel & chunk
Not only will everyone at your event see and hear about the animals but everyone will also have the opportunity to touch and stroke some of them (numbers permitting).   This is in contrast to some other companies, who may only allow one or two children to touch each animal.
This really is a breathtaking addition to your event.   A professional talk by professional animal keepers.
Prices for this exciting addition to your event start at £160 for a 60 minute encounter in our local area.   
Please check our our latest news for details of a new Encounter we are offering for children under 3 years old.
Chile rose
To book this unique experience, please contact us.  Dates can get booked up in advance, especially during the summer holidays, so please contact us today.
 If you would like your encounter to last longer this can be arranged under some circumstances, so please contact us for more details.